Progressive Races

Western Saddle Club is happy to announce that in September 2018 we launched our Progressive Barrel and Poles Racing Series. During each season, we will have a monthly Progressive Race that will feature time only's, barrel racing and pole bending Progressive Racing and will conclude with an Open 4D Barrels Sidepot. 

What is a Progressive Series?

The Progressive Series classes have pre-set times that will be in effect the entire series, and the pattern is set at the same dimensions each race. 

The first time that the Horse/Rider team competes in the Progressive Series they must make a "Qualifying" run. This run will place them in the appropriate class based on their time. If you have 3 horses, you will make a "Qualifying" run on each horse. 

After you have been placed in a class, you will compete in that class in each competition of the Progressive Series season. 

To "Progress" you have to run a time faster than the class you have been placed into. If you run a faster time twice during the Progressive Series season then you will be placed in a next higher class. 

Your points will be kept on each Horse/Rider team. Series points will only be kept for Progressive Race members. Points will be awarded in all divisions on a 10, 9, 8, etc. basis for 1st place through 10th place. Participants placing lower than 10th or a no time will receive 1 point for participation. 

Entry Form                 Rules

           September Results 

October Results 1             October Results 2

    November Results

    December Results 

We would like to express a big thank you to our Progressive Racing Sponsors! They support us, so please be sure to support them! 

Become a sponsor of our Progressive Races today! Complete the WSC Progressive Sponsor Form and we will start to promote your business! 

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